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Automatic Solar Module EL And AOI Appearance Tester




1. Test Items: various types of solar panel;

2. Maximum field of vision: 2000mmx1000mm;

3. EL defect types: Hidden crack, broken grid, black center, black spot, dark film, debris, etc;

4. Types of AOI appearance defects: foreign matter, damage, exposed white, color difference, etc;

5. Detection efficiency: detection time of single panel is about 20.0 seconds;

6. The communication between the network port and PLC can be integrated with the production line;

7. Program controlled  EL power supply, power parameters can be adjusted by the program;

8. The type formula is flexible and can be compatible with various product models;

9. With database function, test results can be saved and queried

10. With the function of small window to view details;

11. The software interface is friendly and easy to operate;

12. EL detection system consists of four near-infrared industrial cameras, four high-definition lenses, filters and detection software;

13. The appearance inspection system consists of four visible light cameras, four high-definition lenses, light sources, filters and inspection software.


1. Special light source and image acquisition system, stable and high quality image;

2. Sony CCD chips

3. The image mosaic is accurate without obvious dislocation;

4.  High detection efficiency, easy to integrate with production line;

5.  Intelligent image processing algorithm, stable and reliable detection results;

6. Compatible with a variety of products and models, effectively reduce enterprise costs;

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