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Solar Simulator YHPT-A+A+A+


1.Measurable parameters: I-V curve, short circuit current, open circuit voltage, peak power, peak power point voltage, current, fixed voltage current, filling factor, conversion efficiency, light intensity and environmental temperature. 

2.Automatic classification and display function. It can be automatically classified according to the fixed voltage and current, and the results of the classification can be displayed directly on the test cabinet by digital display. Easy to use in production line. 

3.Solar cells are connected by four wires to ensure the current accuracy. 

4.Measuring temperature and light intensity at the same time to ensure the accuracy of automatic correction of solar cell temperature and light intensity. 

5.Self-tuning system with manual input compensation parameters, automatic/manual temperature compensation, automatic light intensity compensation, etc.

Technical parameters:



Lamp Spectrum

In   line with IEC60904-9:2007(A Grade)

Light Intensity


Light intensity non-uniformity


Instability degree of irradiation


Test results consistency


Test error of electrical   properties

≤1%   A

Single flash time

 60ms   100ms 150ms (optional)

Effective Test Range


Measuring Voltage

0-200V(Resolution 1mV)

Measuring current

200mA-20A(Resolution   1mA)

Environmental temperature


Test Parameters

Isc, Voc,Pmax, Vm,Im,FF,EFF,Temp,Rs,Rsh



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