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Automatic PL Testing Machine


Including cabinet, camera, upper light source group, detection platform, multiple groups of transparent thin wires, image transmission control line, image control and processing integrated machine; The utility model accepts the silicon wafer by the way of transparent thin wire support, avoiding the secondary pollution that may be caused to the silicon wafer in the detection process, and the use of transparent thin wire makes it possible to have PL excitation light sources on and below the silicon wafer, so as to optimize the PL detection effect. The PL detection effect is optimized. 

Technical parameters:

 Maximum area: 220X220mm

Best product: Cell

Camera resolution: 5 Megapixel

Camera type: industrial CCD

Exposure time: 0.1 ~ 1s

Laser wavelength: 808nm

Laser power: 50W

Computer: VOC all-in-one machine

Defect type: Hidden crack / fragment / low efficiency fragment / sintered moire / black core

Image processing: display size adjustment barcode display defect mark

Automatic matching: 

1 non contact detection to avoid secondary damage of battery

2. It can be connected with the automatic line for online detection and automatic picking for detection and automatic grading

3 the software can automatically identify defects without manual operation

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